General Questions

1. Who do I contact for questions related to the CPA Firm Directory

Send an email to

Questions related to Searching the Directory

1. Are all Firms in the directory CPA Firms?

No, the directory currently lists CA, CMA and CGA firms for provinces where legislation does not yet permit the use of the CPA designation.Visit the CPA unification site for information on the status of unification by province.

2. Are all Canadian CPA, CA, CMA and CGA Firms listed in the CPA Firm Directory

No, only those firms who registered for the CPA Firm Directory are listed.

Questions related to Adding your CPA Firm to the directory.

1. I have forgotten my password. How do I access my account?

If you have forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address on the login screen and click the tab that says "E-mail password."

2. How long will it take to list my firm on the CPA Firm Directory?

It should take between 10 and 15 minutes to create your online firm listing. It will take up to 2 business days for CPA Canada to activate your listing in the CPA Firm Directory.

3. How do I change or update my firm's listing?

To change or update your firm's listing, click on "Login". Select "Manage Firm Description" and modify the description of your firms. Click "Save" to activate your changes.

4. How do I deactivate my firm's listing?

Click login and select "Manage Firm Description". Deselect the field at the bottom that reads "Please include this information in the CPA Firm Directory" and click "Save"

5. I've entered my firm's information. Why doesn't my firm appear in the CPA Firm Directory?

After you register for the CPA Firm Directory, the CPA Canada must activate your listing. This may take up to two business days. Please send an e-mail to if your firm does not appear in the directory within two business days.